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Humanity is not just about telling stories. Humanity is about making better lifelihood for the people we tell stories about.

For that reason, we bring their handsworks to be acknowlegde and valued globally through AVPA PARIS Contests

So the value of their hand crafted coffee receive a fair price.

Good Shepherd Sisters (Gembala Baik)

Gembala Baik arabica bean is cultivated and crafted by GEMBALA BAIK MONASTRY in Manggarai, Flores island. A branch of Sisters of the Good Shepherd, an organization with initiative to provide jobs and empowerment to the women in East Nusa Tenggara Province - Indonesia, which is known to be high in human traficking. In order to reduce poverty, improve self convidence and social justice for women.


With the passion in their heart, the Sisters of the Good Shepherd, cultivate and craft one of the best arabica coffee in the world. Which awarded Bronze Gourmet Medal by AVPA-2018, Paris.


GEMBALA BAIK arabica, is single origin specialty grade coffee. A world class coffee quality to serve the Thirdwave coffee drinker who enjoy only the excellent products.


Our GEMBALA BAIK arabica has very pleasant unique notes of Citrus, Floral, Fruity, Brown Sugar, clean aftertaste

AVPA bronze award gembala baik
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Papaku Manggarai

Papaku Manggarai is delicately cultivated by Manggarai farmers in Flores island, an Indonesian exotic place with generations of coffee culture since the colonial era. The strong quality traditions has crafted world class coffee quality. Which received Gold Gourmet coffee award from AVPA 2018 in Paris.


Papaku Manggarai is single origin specialty grade coffee. Crafted to serve the Thirdwave coffee drinkers who enjoy only the excellent product.


Papaku Manggarai known for dark chocolate notes, nutty with misterious fruity, smooth mild, bitter sweet and clean aftertaste. And our roasting profile is aimed to bring out the unique notes of every single coffee bean.


Our Farm-To-Cup value creation has given economic to the farmers community of Manggarai. They get a better life because of it.

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