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Juntos Coffee

Make Coffee Better

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Where Art, Science & Technology Meet Together

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 About Juntos Coffee

Our coffee come from exotic single origin, ​Specialty Grade coffee beans from Indonesia. Serving the Thirdwave and the Classic coffee drinker who enjoy excellent products.

Our quality management starts from Farm To Cup.

People, Planet before Profit is our company philosophy. Which make us employ FairTrade principles, Non-Pesticide Plant Protection, and Soil Rejuvenation technology in our farms.

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Indonesian Specialty Grade Coffee Products

Juntos Coffee only produce real coffee product from Indonesian specialty grade coffee

We have a coffee bean collection from one hundred fifty nine estates across Indonesia, giving you the best from ring of fire. From Sumatera Island to East Indonesian islands.

Every coffee in those islands have unique taste, Sumatera's coffee have wooden notes, heavy textures, low acidity and flavor that ranges from earthy, cedary and spicy, to fermented fruit, cocoa, herbs,and tobacco notes.

Sulawesi have grapefruit, berry, nut and warm spice notes like cinamon and thick texture

Java in general have low acidity, nutty or earthy, heavy bodied.

Coffee from East Nusa Tenggara is known for sweet chocolate, floral, citrus and woody notes.

We roast our coffee to bring out the unique notes of each coffee.

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Jump Start Your Day with a Perfect


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